MachStdMill Overview

The MachStdMill software package is a functional and productivity enhancement package for Mach3 V3 users.


The product integrates full support for mill, lathe and mill-turn operations. The UI design uses a clean, consistent user interface to provide a simple, intuitive work flow for both mill and lathe operations.

The MSM product extends the system functionality to include advanced features:

  • Mill, Lathe and Mill-Turn operation,
  • Automatic tool measurements during mill tool changes,
  • Best in class integration of 3D probing operations, and
  • Advanced tool table handling.

In 2011 Digital Machinist Magazine published a series of articles about our MachStdMill software.  The articles provide a good introduction to MSM’s core mill features.

The original articles predate the release of MSM 2.0, thus they don’t cover either MSM’s lathe support or the Mill-Turn module.  In 2012 Digital Machinist Magazine published and additional article which introduced the MachStdMill Turn and Mill-Turn functionality (introduced with MSM 2.0).

The PDF article versions contain the core information from the articles (without the (c) magazine article layouts). The full magazine articles are available in back issues of Digital Machinist magazine.