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MachStdMill Releases

As a discontinued product, MSM release packages are no longer available.

The last MSM pre-End-Of-Life production release was v2.3.14

The Final End-Of_life release (made available to customers when the product was discontinued) was v3.1.1


Mach 3 Releases

The authoritative source for Mach3 release and updates is the MachSupport web site.

 The Mach “Lock Down” release were all available from the ArtSoft USA site and some of the Mach3 development release are also available from their archives.
However, not all the development releases were hosted online and ArtSoft had an unfortunate habit of publishing multiple, different software binaries with identical release versions…
ArtSoft USA granted CVI permission to host (for download), key Mach3 releases for use with MSM. 

Mach3 3.43.37

     (or click here to download a zip of 3.43.37 exe file with nanny state browsers)

– this release has proven to be a popular, stable release for use with MSM 1.x.

Mach3 3.43.38
     (or click here to download a zip of 3.43.38 exe file with nanny state browsers)
– this release is the minimum Mach version required for MSM Turn and Mill-Turn.
Mach3 3.43.62

  (or click here to download a zip of 3.43.62 exe file with nanny state browsers)

– this is a problematic release. It is shown on the Mach3 site as the last one that released, but that’s not true.  Originally 3.43.62 was released and it was one that had a problem running on later versions of Windows. A 3rd party altered the binary file to remove that issue and gave the binary back to ArtSoft – who then posted it, without altering the version number that the binary file reports to macros!  Thus there are several versions of .62 floating around which are not all the same. 
In addition, ArtSoft stopped posting 3.43.66 because they could not apply the binary patch for .62 to .66. 
Mach3 3.43.66 
  (click here to download a zip of 3.43.66 exe file with nanny state browsers)

– This Mach release fixes a few more (important) Mach lathe related bugs and is required for some lathe features that were introduced in MSM beta. Without at least this Mach version, the newest MSM Lathe features (e.g.Front/rear tool post editing) will not appear in MSM (See the MSMrelease notes for more information). 
Mach3 v3.43.66 is the version which CVI recommended for use with MachStdMill.